Connectivity everywhere, reliable, secure and simple-to-use.

Wave IP Networks (WIPN) is a nation leading provider of City-wide digital wireless systems and Mesh Networks. Our Digital Radio Systems can support customers` bandwidth demand from 2 Mbps up to 3 Gbps and MESH Networks are designed for Wi-Fi in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz spectrum, 4.9 GHz spectrum for public safety and integrates 5 GHz mesh for backhaul.

Applications & Systems » VoIP – Voice and Video over IP

Wave IP Networks (WIPN) MESH network allows the deployment of voice and video over IP (VoIP) solutions. Service providers extend their existing broadband data network to provide additional services that increase revenue, reduce churn, and create up-selling opportunities. Many municipal governments desire to leverage a broadband infrastructure to take advantage of the dramatic cost-savings VoIP offers by avoiding monthly calling fees and improving communications efficiency for mobile field staff. Public safety officials may also benefit from VoIP communications as a supplement to traditional radio and cellular communications.

Wave IP Networks (WIPN) solution is a scalable and resilient mesh network architected to support the Quality-of-Service (QoS) required for carrying converged voice and data traffic. To efficiently deliver high quality voice traffic, employs traffic prioritization, traffic segmentation, dynamic rerouting, traffic shaping, and bandwidth management to ensure that voice packets are given low-latency, low-jitter performance. System protocol utilizes a GPS clock to provide network-wide timing for deterministic throughput, delivering latency under 12 milliseconds per hop and effectively allowing the network to transport prioritized traffic over multiple hops.In addition to QoS guarantees for VoIP traffic, WIPN mesh network delivers fault tolerance and redundancy to maximize system uptime, resulting in a carrier-class, multi-service broadband wireless network.

Applications & Systems » WLAN – Wireless Corporate Networks

Every companies demand communication networks available, reliable and secure.

Users ask for system connectivity to have their jobs done.

  • IT managers search for secured technology with management tools.
  • Enterprises look for customized solutions that can be integrated to the existing networks.

WIPN MESH networks allow the deployment of secured Wi-Fi data communication networks. Enterprises and govern institutions use these services advantages to keep their field workers connected, speeding up process and take decisions.

WIPN wireless networks solutions provide the organizations with:

  • Convenient access to your applications and networks.
  • Secure mobile communications, everywhere.
  • Greatly simplified administration.
  • Effective compliance controls.

Applications & Systems » Ip Video Surveillance – Public and Private

Video monitoring combined with wireless IP connectivity is revolutionizing the security camera concept.

WIPN's video monitoring solutions have robust functionality combined with technological innovations that save both time and money by raising the level of safety and security.Security cameras have evolved into high performance video networks that enable cameras to be remotely monitored and controlled over the Internet. The pan, tilt and zoom features of a camera can be remotely controlled from any computer allowing video access to construction job sites, crime scenes, traffic accidents, retail areas, special events, parking lots, schools or banks.

WIPN has the capability to provide IP network infrastructure in almost any location. Wi-Fi technology provides immediate access to the video. There is no longer a reason to travel to “the camera” to retrieve the information. Instant accessibility in emergency situations will save time and money.

Business that will benefit from an IP Video Monitoring Solution includes:

Public Safety

IP Video monitoring at public events, parks, traffic intersections or any high crime area can provide added security helping to protect the citizens. From any computer, police, fire, EMS and other city personnel can access video immediately to give them the necessary information to make life threatening decisions.


Using IP video monitoring at construction sites can provide added security helping to reduce theft of materials and potential for damage to equipment. Corporate personnel can view a site from the computer using pan, tilt and zoom and save time and money reducing travel time to each site. In the end the video will have captured and recorded progress at the building site enabling you to view the video at high speed to see the finished project.


Providing a safe environment for students from grade school through university level is an ever-increasing challenge as a disproportionate ratio of students per faculty results in an escalating potential for problems. IP video monitoring aids in the reduction of damage to school property and most importantly, increases student safety through its effectiveness as a deterrent.


Homeland security is a major focus for government agencies. IP video monitoring is crucial for securing areas such as federal, state and city facilities, parks, courts, traffic intersections, and more. With the use of IP video monitoring, government agencies can manage multiple areas remotely while keeping costs down.


IP video monitoring systems have been used very effectively in airports, train stations, bus stops, and taxi stands. Cameras can also be used to monitor traffic which in turn aids emergency services with the ability to view a situation before arrival on the scene.

Banking and Finance

Using IP video monitoring, financial institutions can easily and effectively manage multiple locations. Sony IP video monitoring is very effective for viewing areas such as the lobby, ATMs and drive-up windows. The high quality video that IP cameras capture at the time of an incident is critical for use as evidence.


Small family-owned stores to large nationwide retail chains rely on IP video monitoring as added security to help reduce potential for damage or theft. It has also helped capture incidents such as workplace injuries and employee harassment. The use of IP video monitoring can also aid in tracking cash transactions to capture fraudulent activities that occur frequently in the retail environment.

Applications & Systems » INTERNET – Service Providers (ISP)

Residents, business owners and visitors will appreciate the availability of a mobile network for laptops and other digital devices in public spaces, as well as, welcome another choice for high-speed Internet service at their homes or businesses. Multi-tasking has never been easier.

A Wi-Fi network makes it possible to watch a local soccer game and surf the Web at the same time. The mobility of Wi-Fi allows residents and visitors to access the Internet while dining alfresco at a café or just about anywhere in the city.

Everyone will be pleased when affordable high-speed access is available throughout the city as well as enjoying the added convenience of mobility. Wi-Fi service is available outdoors and indoors, although in some cases, the subscriber will need a wireless bridge to receive the signal indoors.

Residents can sign up for unlimited monthly service, unlimited single-day use, or pay-as-you-go service by the hour. Business Service is available at affordable rates with or without a contract.

The availability of Wi-Fi internet access is a benefit to local tourism as well, because a reliable network will be a great convenience to business travelers and other visitors to your city.

Applications & Systems » Mobile Communication – Data, Voice and Video

A mobile workforce represents both a strategic and tactical asset to the enterprise. Convenient and ubiquitous connectivity that seamlessly and securely ties wired and wireless communications is desired by all stakeholders.

The bottom line:

  • Users demand a convenient and seamless experience to get the job done.
  • Network Administrators demand technology that is secure and easy to manage.
  • Enterprises demand solutions that scale and adapt to their existing networks.

WIPN MESH network allows the deployment of a secured mobile communication system for data, voice and video transmission. Enterprises and municipalities use this application to keep field employees connected to their networks and systems. WIPN's network deployments support all aspects of Public Safety - Police, Fire and EMS. The unique mesh technology provides ubiquitous coverage enabling each agency to access the tools necessary for many applications to save time, money and lives.


Law enforcement officers deserve the best tools for emergency situations. Police officers making difficult, often life and death, decisions in the field require as much information as can be obtained to analyze a dangerous situation. This information must come quickly and correctly, but current methods often slow the delivery of vital data.

A Wireless Network supports real-time tools designed specifically for use by local police departments.

These tools can:

  • Optimize bandwidth and encrypt data transmissions.
  • Enable the officers to roam across networks.
  • Provide remote wireless surveillance.
  • Provide streaming video to the vehicle, giving the officer the ability to view and evaluate a situation prior to arrival on the scene.
  • Provide instant messaging capabilities between personnel at the scene.
  • Enable the viewing of mug shots.
  • Obtain license plate information and criminal historical data.
  • File reports electronically reducing paperwork and improving accuracy.

The Wi-Fi deployment can become the basis of a city-wide first-responder network, linking police with fire, EMS and other agencies. Cities will benefit through greater communication efforts.

The deployment of a City-wide Network can link fire departments with police, EMS and other agencies for greater communication and sharing of data. The end result is enhanced safety for both firefighters and victims.


Fire personnel can utilize a Mobile Wi-Fi Network to assist in the saving of lives and property.WIPN Tri-Band Network supports real-time tools designed specifically for use by local fire departments.

These tools:

  • Provide mobile Geographic Information System (GIS) data.
  • Optimize bandwidth and encrypt data transmissions;
  • Enable the firefighters to roam across networks.
  • Provide remote wireless surveillance.
  • Provide streaming video to the trucks, giving the firefighters the ability to evaluate a situation prior to arrival on the scene.
  • Provide instant messaging capabilities between personnel at the scene.
  • Provide access to building/site location architectural plans.
  • File reports electronically reducing paperwork and improving accuracy.

Ems – Emergency Medical Services

Mobile Broadband supports the efforts of EMS personnel.EMS (Emergency Medical Services) personnel can provide excellent patient care when supported by the tools available today. Paramedics can capture and transmit data such as the accident victim's vital signs, or even images of the patient's injuries to emergency room personnel. ER physicians can guide the paramedics through the stabilization process and remotely evaluate the patient's condition and the steps necessary to save a life.

A WIPN Network can support real-time tools designed specifically for use by local EMS departments.

These tools can:

  • Transmit data, voice and digital video of a patient at the accident scene or in an ambulance.
  • Receive and transmit data while driving at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour.
  • Optimize bandwidth and encrypt data transmissions.
  • File reports electronically reducing paperwork and improving accuracy.

The deployment of a WIPN Network can link the EMS agency with police, fire and other agencies in a combined effort to save lives.

Tactical Deployment

Tactical Deployments for anytime, anywhere broadband. Whether it's a festival in the city, a crime scene, or an emergency situation, Mobile Command Centers can be equipped to provide instantaneous mobile communications from the event site back to your network center or individual computers. From any computer, anywhere, you can control the pan, tilt and zoom on the cameras. View all the details to make wise decisions and have all the information you need before you arrive on the scene. Share information between departments, access additional information or file reports from the field with access to the Internet. With a City-wide Wi-Fi WIPN network and a Mobile Command Center you are ready to roll whenever or wherever the need arises.

Applications & Systems » Secured Mobile Applications

Users demand for mobile services has increased significantly. However, network administrators may not underestimate the security and control requirements to give network and applications access.

WIPN secured mobile solution provides organizations with:

  • Convenient access to your applications and networks.
  • Secure mobile communications, everywhere.
  • Greatly simplified administration.
  • Effective compliance controls.

System characteristics:

Advanced data security and encryption

256-bit AES encryption of data from the end user’s computer to destination, ensuring data is private and secure. Meets or exceeds strictest government and industry security standards.


Two-factor and two-way network authentication ensures only authorized users are able to access and use the network. Also prevents revenue leakage and security risks from password sharing.


Enables real-time activation of new accounts (or changes and closings) directly by the customer or end-user with either secure client or browser-based authentication.

Bandwidth Allocation

Each client connection is dynamically assigned an upstream & downstream data speed, based on individual user profile. Also able to prioritize traffic for critical users. Provides the congestion management absent in Wi-Fi.

Session Persistence

Enables users to roam in & out of coverage without dropping the application connection or network connectivity. Critical for mobile users.

Network Roaming

Allows users to move seamlessly between disparate networks (Wi-Fi, EV-DO, wired), while managing connection to the preferred network based on user-defined parameters (availability/signal, lowest cost, highest bandwidth, etc).

Accounting, Reporting and Administration

Single administration interface provides comprehensive control of user accounts. Transaction and session-based reporting of all network usage enables accurate accounting, billing, auditing and network capacity planning.

Network Partitioning

Enables the sharing of a network investment by multiple departments or allows network owner to wholesale network access to resellers, providing full admin capabilities for partition via their own web-based admin interface.

Secured Mobile

Secure, Mobile Connectivity – across any wired and wireless network.

Achieving “connectivity everywhere” requires the organization to balance security, mobility, manageability, and ease of deployment – and develop a strategy that delivers these in a consistent and unified manner across all networks, whether wireless or wired.WIPN secured mobile is the first solution to bring it all together on one integrated platform: the convenience and productivity of mobile communications for the user, with the strong security and manageability demanded by the enterprise. And, by virtue of its unique architecture, deploys fully independently of any underlying network transport or network equipment.

Secured User

In today’s fast-moving business world, computer users demand instant and hassle-free access to the applications they need. Organizations must address this desire while:

  • Maintaining a secure network environment.
  • Complying with privacy legislation and regulatory mandates.
  • Reducing costs of access rights management and help desk interaction.

WIPN secured user provides the organization with:

Complete Identity Life Cycle Management – Comprehensive identity administration, access control and audit management functionality built on a single integrated platform. This makes for unique cohesiveness in managing the entire life cycle of a digital identity. A Single Identity, with True, Enterprise-Wide ReachOne system spanning all users and applications. Delivers true single sign-on to all application types, whether Web-based, client/server, or legacy mainframe. Ease of Deployment – unique architecture overcomes traditional barriers to identity management deployments, yielding a solution that is flexible, deploys rapidly and non-disruptively, and is radically less risky to implement.

Key benefits:

  • One integrated platform,to avoid costly and risky custom integration.
  • Ease and speed of introduction, without disruption or modifications to existing application code and data directories.
  • True enterprise-wide Single Sign-On (SSO),providing one user identity and password for access to all applications, regardless of underlying technology.
  • Automated account provisioning, for accurate and timely creation and deletion of user accounts.
  • One administrative and auditing system, ensuring comprehensive auditing of all user access activities, while lowering administrative costs.
  • Consolidated reporting, to support compliance initiatives.
  • Extensible architecture,based on open standards such as SAML and LDAP.

Applications & Systems »AMI – Automatic Meter Reading

Meter reading alone is not the key, although it is important. What utilities need is a tool to manage the customers’ consumption.

  • It is no longer an issue of just reading the meter.
  • Utilities need to control their distribution channels.
  • The meter is the main point of contact with the customer.
  • Value added services are becoming part of the package.

AMI – Automatic Meter Integration allows Utilities to deploy a comprehensive customer management and supervision system over the distribution network.

Support the demands of ELECTRIC, WATER and GAS utilities.

Benefits of AMI system:

  • Information about consumption patterns.
  • Alert of exceptional consumption.
  • Network theft and tamper detection.
  • Collect data for all three utilities (Elec./Gas/Water).
  • Early detection of network problems (outage).
  • Network leakage detection for water and gas.
  • Detection of meter malfunctions / billing errors.
  • Elimination of non-scheduled reads.
  • Reduce Operating Expenses.
  • Updated consumption information;
  • Privacy.
  • Accurate bills.

AMI system characteristics:

  • Fully automatic, fixed-network AMI system.
  • Based on high-power, licensed radio technology in the mid-UHF band.
  • Proven in over 100 operating systems, over 10 years of continuous operation.
  • Low-risk choice.
  • Simple-to-use AMI solution.
  • Real time outage and tamper notification.
  • Transmits up to 288 readings per day.
  • Maintains clock accuracy.
  • Performs on-demand reads.

WIPN wireless network provides the organization with value added services as

  • VoIP – Voice and Video over IP
  • WLAN – Wireless Corporate Network
  • IP Video Surveillance – Public and Private
  • High Speed Internet – Broadband
  • Mobile Communication – Data, Voice and Video
  • Secured Mobile Applications
  • AMI – Automatic Meter Reading