The Company

Wave IP Networks (WIPN) is a fully applications and systems integrator over secured wireless networks, based on Digital Microwave Radio and MESH networks technology. With know-how and expertise on solutions deployment, our core business is to provide engineering, design, construction, operation and maintenance of systems and applications over digital wireless networks.

Wave IP Networks (WIPN) applications and systems offers support different demands from corporations, communities, governments, utilities (electric, water and gas), educational institutions and so on.

Wave IP Networks (WIPN) networks are high performance and scalable that can support the growing demand for high bandwidth applications such as business connectivity, video surveillance, emergency response communications, voice and video over IP (VOIP) and automatic telemetry. The network design allows a city, campus, county or company to start small and grow overtime. WIPN MESH network technology leverages the services solutions in the city-wide deployment of a broadband mobile access networks.

Wave IP Networks (WIPN) is Founded in 2009 as a company with a big vision and Maintained a phenomenal growth over the years. WIPN has Spotless delivery record of many successful project deliveries over the years. WIPN is technology partners with more than 30 network & Security product companies globally and partner with over 30 network development houses across the globe.